Amplify and augment innovation.

Manage and create strategic value through a flexible outsourced Venture Capital and IP rights management platform.

Strategy Development

First, IAC formalizes strategic objectives and then identifies the most appropriate sources of external innovation, including opportunities to invest in relevant startups, as well as IP.

Investment Analysis

Next, IAC prepares technology landscapes, competitive analyses, and ultimately, an Ecosystem Plan, which we use to guide investments into a network of inter-related technologies. Our team then manages the process of generating deal flow, evaluating opportunites, and investing in companies and IP according to that plan.

Portfolio Management

The IAC team takes an active role in managing the IP strategy development, product development and integration, and overall management of portfolio companies.


Finally, IAC helps to monetize investments, whether through traditional M&A/IPO exits, licensing/selling IP, or integrating technologies into existing product & service lines.




IAC was created out the need for the next version of venture capital and our ability to transform IP into a value driver of innovation.

We believe the winners of tomorrow will be at the forefront of innovation investments through the development and management of an ecosystem of startups, while providing IP portfolio development, prototyping capabilities, and new product developments of strategic importance.

N. Darius Sankey, PhD.

James Trueman

Chris Aubuchon, Ph.D.

David Ghorbanpoor